Our Services

Our Core Services

  • One Stop Manning Center
  • Selection and Recruitment
  • Crew planning and rotation
  • Seafarers Contracts & ITF-approved collective agreements
  • Training programs
  • Offshore training – OPITO approved BOSIET, OEHTM, FRC
  • Performance review & career development
  • Automated crew payroll
  • Management Information
  • Handling P&I crew medical claims
  • Offshore and host countries taxes
  • MO, ILO, MLC Flag state compliance and administration

Crew Management Information

Management information provided to help our Principals in crucial management decisions with accurate and reliable data in:

  • Budget performance and manning cost
  • Fleet crew list
  • Crew vacation list
  • Crew planning and rotation forecast
  • Crew retention rate
  • Crew performance and promotion
  • P&I cases
  • Disciplinary cases
  • Training plan and records
  • Customer audits, KPI and ser

Record Keeping

The MLC requires a Recruitment and Placement Services (RPS) company like Monsoon to have a record keeping system, and to maintain an up-to-date register of all recruited and placed seafarers that is available for inspection by the Director of Marine.

Our respective offices will check and verify the crew certificates, contracts, payroll, appraisal, personal record and are required to verify that the seafarers recruited are qualified for the job concerned.

Monsoon keeps both the hardcopy and softcopy database of crew records developed in-house which can be accessed by Monsoon Singapore. We can generate crew lists, crew on vacation as well as other lists required by clients. Confidentiality of crew records is a requirement of MLC. Currently, access to such records for operational or audit purpose is through Monsoon Singapore but can be make directly accessible (for Filipino crew) if required.